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With her fiery auburn hair and her distinctive voice, musical artist singer-songwriter Lena Mond has captivated audiences since the tender age of 8. Her latest dance pop single “Follow Me” is out now, with a complete album to follow very soon.


A prodigy on stage, she has polished her singing and songwriting talent from a very young. Doing so has alluded to her becoming a professionally recognized musical artist who has worked with many notable producers.


Lena’s musical style is an amalgamation of many genres. She takes her inspirations from many places and writes songs about love, life, loss and motivation. Her musical portfolio consists of emotional ballads, relaxing acoustic songs and energetic Pop music fused with pop rock, dubstep and other genres.

A spokesperson for Lena Mond made an official press statement to announce the new single release “Lena Mond is an incredibly diverse musical artist. She can sing and perform beautifully in any genre while still holding on to her distinct style. Lena’s latest single is now available for listeners across the globe, with a complete able to be released in the near future.”

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